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      Equipment use and features:


      1. This equipment is mainly suitable for the polishing of 2.5D, 3D, zirconia, sapphire, glass, metal and non-metallic shaped arc surface.

      2. The equipment adopts the unique polishing process concept to reduce the use cost of the equipment, and can better complete the processing of the product, improve the production efficiency and increase the yield of the product.

      3. The first adopts six motor and four frequency conversion separate and independent control configuration schemes, which fully realizes the independent control of the upper polishing discs (A, C), (B, D), the lower large carrier tray, and the product placement disc (6). No interference, adjustable speed, especially for 3D concave surface polishing, can achieve no dead angle and high yield effect, customers can be handy in implementing various complex processes.

      4. The method of vacuum adsorption of the workpiece is adopted, and the vacuum detection system is provided. When an abnormality occurs, the equipment will automatically alarm and stop immediately, which can effectively avoid the damage of the workpiece and cause the product to be scrapped.

      5. The product adsorption plate adopts frequency conversion motor, which can adjust the corresponding process parameters at any time according to the requirements of the product.

      6. It will produce grinding fluid due to inhalation. It is equipped with vacuum automatic drainage and abrasive recovery system, which can effectively save abrasive.

      7. The equipment control system consists of PLC and man-machine interface, which is beneficial to the operator's use of the equipment.

      8. The equipment adopts a unique structure, which increases the stability, safety and service life of the equipment as a whole.

      9. Self-designed multi-stage filtration system can improve production yield.

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